NCCET 2017 Annual National Exemplary Program Awards

NCCET’s membership includes experts in the fields of continuing education, workforce education and contract training whose talents and successes often go unrecognized beyond their local college service areas.   NCCET strives to identify and honor these professionals through our annual National Exemplary Awards Program. 

NCCET members and member colleges have the opportunity to nominate peers (or themselves) for an Exemplary Program Award.  Nominations will be reviewed by a committee of NCCET Board members and other NCCET members who will select outstanding programs based on specific criteria. 

National Exemplary Program Awards Criteria: 

  1. Need/Impact– Was the program created to address a specific need with an impact on a significant number of students and/or constituents?
  2. Innovation – How is the program truly unique, addressing a need in a creative manner not previously implemented in other related programming?
  3. Sustainability – If start-up funding was utilized, how well has the program progressed to self-sustaining status following the initial start-up?
  4. Replicability – Considering the program’s track record, what is the potential for it to be successfully duplicated at other colleges across the country? 
Categories for National Exemplary Program Awards Nominations:

Nominations must be submitted within one of the following four categories.

  • Continuing Professional Education
  • Community Services & Personal Enrichment
  • Workforce & Economic Development
  • Learning Technologies & Administration 

More than one nomination may be submitted by a college; however, a separate form must be completed for each entry.  Current or past NCCET board members are eligible for this award (exclusive of the current NCCET President). 

Award winners are expected to be in attendance and present their program at the current year's NCCET Annual Conference in the fall.  Presenters will receive the presenter discount for registration to the conference. 

All nominations must be submitted by May 19, 2017. 

NCCET Annual National Leadership Award 

The National Leadership Award is presented to an individual who has contributed to the field of community services programming, continuing professional education, workforce and economic development, or learning technologies and demonstrates an outstanding level of support of the purpose and mission of NCCET and its membership on the national level.  A nomination and selection committee comprised of NCCET Board members, other NCCET members, past award winners and/or other NCCET partners conducts the awards process for this prestigious annual award. 

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