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Staff Development Track

Grand IV

Marketing and Generate Revenue

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New Curriculum

Expressions I and II

Workplace Communications

Presenter: Eric Richardson

Eric Richardson is the CEO and Founder of growth Development Associates, Inc. and will share with you the basis for using the following curriculum for your Corporate College and Career readiness programs. 

Session Description:

Whether you are brand new to the professional workplace or a seasoned veteran in your job or industry… your success and effectiveness will always be strongly influenced by how well you are able to communicate one-on-one, in a group, in writing, in a presentation internally or for customers, or via any of the growing electronic media available to us.   In many respects we are valued by and for our communication skills…   regardless of the industry or the role you play within your organization.  

This course will provide you with skills and communications techniques to help you:

  • build and strengthen workplace relationships;

  • create interest in your ideas or recommendations;

  • question to better understand the people you work with;

  • structure your suggestions, recommendations and proposals to increase understanding and concurrence;

  • win others to your way of thinking and gain commitment to a plan of action; and

  • effectively manage the objections that invariably arise from those you work with.

From this point forward, you are in total control of your advancement through the course.   Simply click on the advancement controls a you complete each segment of the training. 

Sentiment Analysis: 21st Century Data Point

Presenter: Dawnica Jackson

Dawnica Jackson is currently the director of Client and Customer Relations at Houston Community College. Her office is tasked developing and implement strategic initiatives to drive behavioral changes, process improvement, and environmental changes based on customer analytics.

Session Description:

Sentiment analysis is key to helping organizations find out what their customers like and dislike about their products and brands. Gathering customer feedback can lead to the discovery of a wealth of information on what your customers are talking about, and this feedback is often harvested from your organization’s website and social media channels. One of the most well-documented uses of Sentiment Analysis is to get a full 360 view of how your brand, product, or company is viewed by your customers and stakeholders. Widely available media, like product reviews and social, can reveal key insights about what your business is doing right or wrong. Companies can also use sentiment analysis to measure the impact of a new product, ad campaign, or consumer’s response to recent company news on social media.

Session Learning Objectives:

  • Review the impact Customer Service has on student retention.

  • Understand what motivates students to attend or stay at your college.

Explore subjective reasons why consumers are or are not responding to programming and/or marketing efforts -Identify staff customer service training needs.

Cultivating Partners – Capturing Value: 4 Practical Examples you Can Replicate with Your Industry Partners

Presenter: Nancy Estergard

Nancy Estergard is an alumni of Grays Harbor College and has been employed there for 31 years, currently serving as the Director of Contract Training, Community Education, and Workforce Support, working on a variety of duties relating to management of both Continuing/Community Education and Contract Training (credit and non-credit) in two rural counties on behalf of the college.

Session Description:

In today’s economic climate, we all understand that resources for new program start-up are extremely limited. Some local industries are also feeling economic pressure with changing business climate while the strong economy also makes it difficult to find job-ready employees. Training can be extremely costly to any organization so creating a well-rounded training program will give you an advantage when marketing your opportunities as well as setting your graduates up for job success! But how do you convince an employer to hire and train on the job with your contract training? Once a need has been identified, how do you get started building a new program? How have others created buy-in with private entities? In this session, we will consider four new and practical partnership models that have been successful for a rural community college and then discuss how similar strategies could work elsewhere:

  1. Medical Assistant partnership with a High School Skills Center;

  2. Health Career Programs rotated and shared among 3 rural colleges;

  3. Log Truck safety and CDL with partnership from Private Natural Resources company;

  4. Leadership & Soft Skills Development workshops in collaboration with large Tribal Partner

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Staff Development Track

Grand IV

Marketing and Generate Revenue

Grand V

New Curriculum

Expressions I and II

Transform Your Team: Intro to Process Mapping

Presenter: Travette Webster

Director of Administrative & Student Support Services for Houston Community College (HCC). Travette has over a decade of Process Improvement experience in front office and back office operations.

Session Description:

This session is excellent for members of a departmental team. Participants will learn the basic principles of Process Mapping as a tool for process improvement. Individuals and teams will begin identifying value adding and non-value adding steps in their own processes. In addition, we will uncover different ways to improve efficiencies when complete elimination is not an option. This interactive session will lead your team through the first step of improving the quality of service your continuing education program provides to both internal and external clients.

Session Learning Objectives:

Understand the basic principles of Process Mapping. 

  • Compare value-adding and non-value adding processes.

  • Identify immediate opportunities for improvement within the department. 

  • Challenge departmental paradigms.

The Keys to Success in Earning More Business

Presenter: Dr. Jean Norris,

Managing Partner, Norton|Norris, Inc.

Session Description:

Whether you work with business and industry or students of any type, you don’t want to miss this session!  The key competencies for success in your role have remained the same for decades; but the weight of importance has truly shifted.  In other words, our role must change to serve prospects who need us in very different ways than in the past. 

Session Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Define the 4 Key Competencies for Success in Sales and Admissions

  • Explore the world of Neuro Linguistic Technology (NLP)

  • Determine the value of adding Requisite Variety to your life

  • Expand your skills with another tool to help you read and connect with others

  • Learn more about expanding your value and offerings to prospects

Emotional Intelligence
and You

Presenter: Dr. Carrie Root

CEO, Alpha UMi Inc.

Session Description:

Interpersonal interaction is a fundamental part of Collaborative Environment and Emotional Intelligence (EI) is increasingly being recognized as one of the most important workforce skills an individual can possess. Leaders who develop their EI can have positive impacts on their organizations, physically and psychologically. EI is the basis for all types of productive communication and collaboration, it also lays the foundation for resilience. Experience part of Alpha UMi’s 5G Leadership Skills program, an interactive investigation into emotional intelligence to understand its importance, see how it can strengthen relationships and positively impact stress management and work satisfaction.

1:45 PM - 2:45 PM

Staff Development Track

Grand IV

Marketing and Generate Revenue

Grand V

New Curriculum

Expressions I and II

Selling is a Process, Not an Event; The Inbound Outbound Accelerator

Presenter:  Jeff Roth

Jeff Roth is currently the President of The Learning Strategy, Inc. He has dedicated sales, marketing and TQM experience consulting with Colleges nationwide and employers such as AT&T and Intermedia Communications.

Session Description:

The session will focus on bridging the gap between colleges and employers. In this session, we will consider how to "stand out" in the eyes of the employer by identifying ideal employer profile, creating a Valid Business Reason (VBR), developing Personal Marketing Resumes (PMRs), 4P Success Stories, etc.

Most importantly, demonstrating 2 technology platforms for students and employers to find you!

Session Learning Objectives:

  • Who is your ideal employer?

  • How do you “Stand Out” in the eyes of the Employer?

  • What sets you apart from the competition?

  • Preparation is essential, but so is Persistence

  • How networked markets are transforming the Economy and how to make them work for YOU!

  • Higher Ed Technology Demonstrations in Employer Attraction and Engagement

Breakout TBD








































New Curriculum for Students and Corporate

Presenter: Eric Richardson

Eric Richardson is the CEO and Founder of growth Development Associates, Inc. and will share with you the basis for using the following curriculum for your Corporate College and Career readiness programs.  These courses have been proven for the last twenty-eight years to be the most comprehensive sales and management training programs in the world.


Workplace Communications Certification

  • Establish Connection

  • Gain Engagement

  • Understand Perspective

  • Propose Solutions

  • Resolve Issues

  • Gain Agreement

Consultative Selling Certification

  • Introduction to Consultative Selling

  • Establishing Rapport

  • Creating Interest

  • Questioning for Needs

  • Presenting Solutions

  • Closing for Commitment

  • Handling Objections

  • The Logical Selling Process

Account Management Certification

  • Quantifying Benefits

  • Selling Big Deals

  • Selling Upgrades

  • Account Presence

  • Competitive Penetration

  • Demand Generation

Managing People Certification

Performance Planning

  • Career Development

  • Counseling Employees

  • Recognition and Motivation

4:15 PM - 5:15 PM

Staff Development Track

Grand IV

Marketing and Generate Revenue

Grand V

New Curriculum

Expressions I and II

Breakout TBD
























Best Practices for Maintaining a Successful WIOA Relationship

Presenter: Tommy Maestas

Tommy Maestas has served as the Regional Manager of Strategic Partnerships at Career Step for the past 10 years. Career Step specializes in self-paced online allied healthcare career training programs geared towards individuals with zero experience in the industry.

Session Description:

This session will focus on the ins and outs of working with local WIOA offices. South Louisiana Community College currently serve more WIOA funded students than any other college in Louisiana. This funding provides an incredible opportunity for residents of Lafayette, LA and surrounding parishes. We'll discuss the steps taken to become the statewide leader in WIOA funded students as well as the steps South Louisiana Community College takes to meet specific WIOA benchmarks.

Session Learning Objectives:

  • Review the approval process with WIOA.

  • Learn best practices when reporting back to WIOA.

  • Discuss how you can better collaborate with WIOA to ensure students are successful in their program and career.

  • Learn how other WIOA offices throughout the country measure success.

Knowledge + Experience = College Credit – Understanding Accelerated Models of Student Success: A Competency Based Framework using Prior Learning Assessment

Presenters: Dr. Terry T. Kidd & Dr. Betty Fortune

Dr. Terry T. Kidd is Dean, Extended Learning, Houston Community College

Dr. Betty Fortune is Executive Director Success and Completion.  She oversees the tutoring, work-study mentoring, and Supplemental Instruction programs at Houston Community College.

Session Description: 

Student completion and occupational skill mastery is the hallmark of

any workforce education program. As policy makers drive the completion agenda and the need to create pipelines of talented middle-skilled technicians and to meet industry demand, coupled with the increased enrollment of adult learners with various experiences, institutions look for innovative ways to respond to the completion

challenge. Knowledge + Experience = College Credit. Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is a process for assessing learning gained outside a traditional academic environment. This could be learning acquired through military service, employer training programs, independent study, non-credit courses, open courseware, or volunteer or community service. Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is a means of evaluating what a student already knows at the college-level derived from these experiences for college credit, certification, or advanced standing toward further education or training. Once assessed and documented, students can be awarded college credit towards their workforce degree. Learn how your institution can implement strategies and processes for prior learning assessment.

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