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Success in the Tech Economy

Presenter: Kirk Smallwood
Serving as VP of Business Development for the US Academic Market at CompTIA, Kirk Smallwood is responsible for a team working with thousands of secondary and post-secondary school partners. CompTIA’s Academy Partner program helps to provide classroom and instructor tools, as well as special school pricing on CompTIA certifications to help with student success and to prepare students for IT Careers. CompTIA is the largest vendor-neutral IT certification body in the world. Kirk is also responsible for business development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Session Description:
The IT industry has more than 800K open IT jobs and not nearly enough qualified people to fill them. Learn what is driving this skills gap now and in the future, the various opportunities in IT, the growing importance of industry-recognized certifications in filling the skills gap and some free tools and resources to help instructors in student success.
Session Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the opportunity in IT careers and the key knowledge, skill and abilities that employers are seeking.

  • Understand the critical role of industry recognized certifications.

  • Review some key free resources that instructors can take advantage of to help their students.

Hidden Curriculum & Holistic Development; Adding Value to Your Contract Training

Presenter: Nancy Estergard
Session Description:  

We understand that limiting a training experience to a specific skill is no longer enough when marketing our training modules to employers and community partners. Industry leaders want maximum value in addition to their targeted training needs being met, needing your help with improved leadership development, communication, and various "soft skills" for their employees.

  • How do you empower entry-level employees?

  • How do you stress the importance of professionalism while also teaching them an entry-level skill?

This session explores rationale behind including "hidden curriculum" and will discuss ways to add value to your contract training. Topics covered will include embedding leadership development, communication strategies, email/technology etiquette, generational differences, developing “others,” building a strong/diverse workforce, and other soft skills. Training can be extremely costly to any organization so creating a well-rounded training program will give you an advantage when marketing your opportunities as well as setting your graduates up for job success!

From CEU’s to Semester Credit Hours

Presenters: Denise Flores & Sandra Cortez
Denise Flores is the Workforce & Career Services Coordinator for the Continuing Education Department. 
Sandra Cortez is the Dean of Community Education for Laredo College and has worked 12 years in various capacities. 

Session Description:

This session will focus on providing opportunities for the nontraditional adult student and the under-skilled individual seeking to learn a skill to become employed or to transition to post-secondary education through articulating CEU's to SCH's. We will also provide the processes and the challenges of serving students enrolled in developmental and adult education and how learning through mirrored classes can be beneficial. By using the Integrated Education Training model, we will share success and experiences.
Session Learning Objectives:

  • Explore articulation processes

  • Understanding integrated education and training

  • Learning through mirrored classes

1:45 PM - 2:45 PM

Staff Development Track

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Marketing and Generate Revenue

Grand V

New Curriculum

Expressions I and II

Start There, Get Here: A Unique Perspective on Community Education

Presenters: Don Tracy & Virginia Garza
Donald Tracy serves as the Director of Operations for the Continuing Education Division at Austin Community College.
Virginia Garza has served for the past 3 years as Outreach & Communications Specialist for the Austin Community College Continuing Education division.

Session Description:

The ACC Community Pathways Program is dedicated to offering courses that fit the schedule, location, and needs of the community. We listen, design, and implement.

Session Learning Objectives:

  • Identify a new community engagement model.

  • Understand the challenges and success factors.

  • Determine opportunities for scaling program efforts.

Training Your Own

Presenter: Lee Kotwicki
Lee Kotwicki is the Director, Workforce Solutions, State College of Florida.

Session Description:

Employee training and continuing education are an integral part of the success and efficiency of an institution's operation and are instrumental to employee development within their positions. This session will discuss how to go about offering such a program at your institution and the structure, budget, and benefits that can be realized. It is a revenue generating program for continuing education departments and is also incentive-based for employees.
Session Learning Objectives:

  • How to run an internal professional development program

  • Benefits gained by institution and staff

  • Cost of program and budget development

The PLA Accelerator: A Fast Pass for Prior Learning Assessment Tracking

Presenters: Kristen Himmerick & Jose Cordero
Kristen Himmerick is the Senior Director for Higher Education at CAEL, where she launched the Learning Counts Portfolio Assessment Services and the PLA Accelerator Tool.

Session Description:

There are 35-40 million adults with some college credit and no degree, and offering prior learning assessment methods to help students graduate faster can be the decision-making factor when students are comparing colleges. Like many colleges, HCC used a paper system to collect experiential learning details and make PLA recommendations for students for many years. In 2018, HCC began using the PLA Accelerator Tool (developed by non-profit organization Council for Adult and Experiential Learning) to streamline their PLA assessment data collection, which allowed them to run reports on the number of students who are recommended for PLA (and those who are not), the types of PLA methods that were recommended, as well as the advisors making the recommendations.

3:45 PM - 5:00 PM

Staff Development Track

Grand IV

Marketing and Generate Revenue

Grand V

New Curriculum

Expressions I and II

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Launching a Corporate College: Planning, Implementing and Building a Community of Support for a Corporate College

Presenters: Jessica McKee and Ashleigh Thompson; Weatherford College
Weatherford College launched its Corporate College for over 150 members of their community in just 12 weeks from conception to ribbon-cutting.  Your college can enjoy the same kind of success in your community.

Session Description:

The small, medium, and large business in our communities depend upon colleges to provide the training necessary for maximizing effectiveness of their employees and managers. This responsibility extends from producing hirable candidates through continued workforce development.  Today, over 85% of Americans hate their jobs because of a lack of collaboration with their co-workers.  Attrition rates are at historic highs, and the number one reason given by employees for quitting their jobs is, “My manager.”  One in four open jobs in our communities is for sales or customer service, and less than 5% of the colleges in the US offer career-ready skills in sales or communications suitable to fulfill these needs.  The NCCET-Certified Workforce Readiness curriculum for member colleges directly addresses these requirements.

In the last 60 days, over 100 businesses, the Chamber of Commerce, the Center for Workforce Development, the president of Weatherford College, and the mayor all came together to celebrate the opening and ribbon-cutting for the Weatherford Corporate College.  Weatherford College has already begun conducting classes with the NCCET-certified curriculum for Workplace Communication, Sales, Account Management, and People Leadership.   This session will share their story and provide you with a step-by-step guide that you can use to launch or enhance corporate training at your college.

The PLA Accelerator: A Fast Pass for Prior Learning Assessment Tracking

Presenter: Amrit Ahluwalia
Since 2011, Amrit Ahluwalia has been the Managing Editor of The EvoLLLution, an online newspaper launched by Destiny Solutions focused on non-traditional higher education and the transforming postsecondary marketplace.

Session Description:

The word “student” comes with baggage. We envision a particular kind of individual who is not representative of the majority of learners coming through the doors of a university today—and especially not representative of the students who are looking to enroll in non-traditional ways. Unfortunately, that baggage affects the way they’re treated, their likelihood to complete (and return!), and ultimately, our ability to deliver effective learning experiences.
Amazon doesn’t call its customers “readers”—if it did, they never would have grown into the organization they are today. Similarly, community colleges shouldn’t call its customers “students”. It’s limiting, both in terms of how learners are treated and in terms of the evolving role of the postsecondary institution.

This presentation will share insights from EvoLLLution contributors on the true nature of the modern learner, and reflect best practices and innovative ideas from institutional leaders across North America on how best to serve the modern postsecondary customer.

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